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Out on the Land

Before I go into details of the trip I would like to thank everyone for the prayer and financial support. I truly felt the prayers of everyone and the protection, strength and guidance of the Spirit. Bless you all for whatever part you played in this prayer assignment. I would like to especially thank Dr. Anita Gaucher for hosting me, praying with us when her schedule would allow and introducing me to some very key people. Also much thanks to Ron, Glenda and Naomi Allan for trooping with me everywhere and being so open to the leading of the Spirit. What a blessing to work with you! For those of you that don't know, the Lord led the Allans to come to Iqaluit to work as missionaries so they were already here when I arrived!

Day One Monday, May 15: Upon my arrival we as a team went out for lunch and I was introduced to a local pastor, government worker and justice of the peace, Ron Dewar. He welcomed me to Nunavut and prayed for us. He ‘heard the music of heaven’ when we walked into the restaurant and was very moved by us being willing to pray. We in turn prayed for him and released the blessing of God. I felt that it was significant that he was a pastor and a judge. He carried weight and authority along with the heart of a father. That evening, a young Catholic couple came over. They had been trying to get pregnant and were desperate. Anita also invited Karen McCartney who had experienced a long wait for God to fulfil His promise of a child to them. She and her husband had a son last year! We prayed with the young couple, believing God will do the impossible! Karen is the Anglican Church Bishop’s wife. She invited us to a prayer time at the church on Wednesday morning to pray with the interns that are training to be priests. Day Two Tuesday: The Allans and I got together and prayed. I felt we needed to go to the site of the Hudson's Bay Company’s trading post and begin our assignment there. The Hudson Bay was the first company that established trading with the Inuit. We called for a taxi to take us to Apex, which is just outside of Iqaluit. We stood in the gap, did identificational repentance for the extortion, greed, deception, theft, rape and pillage of the people and the land. We took hold of the blood of Jesus and appropriated the forgiveness of sin. We broke every word, weapon and curse formed as a result of these sins. We salted the beach and around the building. We then blessed the land and declared Psalm 91:16 and Josh 1:3. These scriptures were put on sticks and then put in the ground. Kisa, one of the intercessors, text and said birds are singing, may you hear the song of the Lord in the land. Our taxi driver came back for us and then took us on an exploratory tour. We arrived at the graveyard, which has two whale rib bones as an archway, and we heard a bird singing! What an amazing sound in the tundra...the sound was sweet!

One interesting note: I had woken up in the night with the words ‘19 Albert’. I wrote it in my notebook and wondered if it was a street. We had looked it up on the web and confirmed it with the taxi driver that there was no street named Albert in Iqaluit. So we let that possibility go but kept our antennas up to see what it might be. When we had finished our tour (we got out at every stop and placed our feet upon the land) we prayed and blessed our taxi driver. He was touch by the spirit, cried and got out and hugged us all. In the restaurant at lunch about 3 in the afternoon there were pictures of the area on the wall. Naomi called our attention to one in particular. It was of a boat in Albert harbour taken in 1919! Upon researching it we found a boat called Albert “a famous Artic ship” which was commissioned as a mission ship to fishermen. The boat was built in England and set sail out of Scotland in 1889. On its bow were the words ‘heal the ​sick’ and ‘preach the word’! Emblazoned upon the ship’s wheel was ‘I will make you fishers of men’. The boat sailed across the Atlantic many times bringing the gospel. In 1892 it sailed with a missionary doctor named Wilfred Grenfell. In 1902 the boat was sold and it came back to Baffin Island as a whaling boat. It wintered in Pond Inlet, which they named Albert Harbour. In 1919 the boat was purchased by Munn who wanted to establish a monopoly in the fur trade. Munn’s ambition led to he and Robert Janes, a rival to have a hefty fist fight on the deck of the boat. As a result Munn abandoned Janes. What the Lord showed us was to repent for the greed, extortion, and abandonment. We then called up the blessing of the Albert - that of healing the sick and preaching the gospel. We blessed the mission that God would indeed make the Inuit people fishers of men! We felt to declare Isaiah 19:19-20 and spoke revival not rivals! (Isaiah 19:19-20 In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the Lord at its border. It will be a sign and witness to the Lord Almighty in the land of Egypt. When they cry out to the Lord because of their oppressors, he will send them a saviour and defender, and he will rescue them.)

Day Three Wednesday: We went to the Anglican Church to meet with the students for their morning pray. We had a formal time of pray with them then they prayed for us and welcomed us to Nunavut and blessed us. We then prayed and prophesy over the students. Two of them needed healing, one for a stomach issue and the other for a back problem. Both were healed with all pain gone. We then went for breakfast.

Next we prayed at the federal building. We repented on behalf of the Canadian government for the stealing, broken promises, and lies spoken, killing the dogs, separating and resettling families. Whatever issues came to us, we repented for in their stead. Then we acknowledged the power of the blood of Jesus and spoke forgiveness to the government. We broke every word and weapon formed against the people and broke off any curses. We salted (I’ll do a blog on the purpose of salt during prayer) all around the building. We blessed the government and prayed for mercy to triumph over judgement, wisdom and revelation to flow. We then went to the legislative assembly. We stood in the gap for the people. We blessed the assembly, calling forth righteous government that the Kingdom of God would come and His will be done. We then went on a formal tour and while there salted and blessed the legislature. After the tour we salted around the outside, decreed Jer. 29:11 (For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future) and Jer. 31:1 (At that time,” declares the Lord, “I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and they will be my people). We then planted those scriptures written on coffee stir sticks in the ground. We then went back to Anita's and after we prayed for her we all walked up the hill behind the hospital. There we repented for the abortions, murder, violence, hatred, suicide and the

shooting of the husky dogs. We prayed a release of the power of the blood of Jesus that covers sin and broke the curses off the land. We then had communion together and poured the rest of the wine over the land and down the hill. We declared the blessing of God that her day of hard service was over (Is. 40), that God is giving beauty for ashes, oil of joy instead of mourning and a garment of praise instead of despair, that Nunavut is the planting of the Lord and a display of His splendour (Is.61). We built a monument of 12 stones and placed Isaiah chapter 60 in the midst of it and planted Isaiah chapter 61 at the foot of the cross. We salted everywhere at the top of the hill and declared the goodness of God in the land of the living. Day Four Thursday: Karen Mc Cartney, the bishop’s wife, and I went out to lunch. It was a lovely time connecting with this person of peace. She also has some important insight into the situation of the Inuit as she and her husband have been working with the people for 8 years. They are a lovely Irish couple that are bringing the spirit of God to the region. After lunch I met the rest of the team at the Anglican Church. We thanked God for the godly influence and the dedication of those He called to share the gospel. Those that have spent their lives dedicated to these people in the land. Then we repented for syncretism, witchcraft, theft, arson, deception, betrayal, sexual abuse, necromancy, lies, false beliefs, religion, etc. We took hold of the blood of Jesus that covers all and called for mercy, which triumphs over judgement. We then salted all around the church and called forth the fire of God, that the Holy Spirit would come and send revival and bless the church abundantly. We planted Song of Songs 8:6-7 (His love burns like a blazing fire like a mighty flame). We declared mercy, grace, love, peace, revelation, truth, and joy. That there would be a 7-fold return for all the enemy had stolen. (This church had a cross that was made of ivory from narwhales, which was stolen. The thief burned the church down to cover his tracks. The congregation had to rebuild the church.) The RCMP building was the next destination. We repented for all judgements; curses and accusations made against the RCMP and broke them off. We called for strength, favour and wisdom. We declared His justice and that His kingdom would come and his will be done. We prayed the Lord's Prayer together. We then went to the "Justice Centre" which is the courthouse. After clearing security, we were told we could attend a case that was in session. We all went in and began to pray quietly in the Spirit. The case before the court was to see if a man who had violated his parole could be released on bail. The person that was taking responsibility for him was being questioned as to his ability to care for the man. The issue was domestic abuse. The man would get drunk and beat his wife. This was the third arrest. The Judge spoke very clearly and put him on a 24-hour curfew with the ability to go to work for 8 hours with an extra hour to shop or bank. We kept praying as nothing was mentioned re: his drinking and it was one of the past restrictions he had violated. At the end of the session we left the courtroom and the crown council lawyer approached us and thanked us for coming. I then asked her about the drinking issue, as I had not heard the judge restrict him from drinking as before. She checked her paper work and realised I was right! Then she looked at me and said I had just saved this woman's life! She then went and corrected the restriction with the Judge. The scripture from Amos 5, ‘let justice roll like a river’ was deposited in the courtroom. We then blessed the courts, the judges and declared that justice would roll.

That completed the assignment that the Lord sent me to do. We prayed sealing in the spirit all that the Lord had done, blessed Nunavut and called forth the river of God to flow. We then renounced the assignment. That night Karen came over, as she wanted to know all that we had prayed and heard from the Lord. I gave her and Anita each a copy of our parenting book and cd. Anita was going see about putting it in the woman's house where the pregnant gals come one month before they are due. I told them that we could send our parenting materials to them. As well, Karen and I spoke of me coming back to do something for the women. I feel the Lord has said that this will be so, amen.

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