Heritage of Faith

Before we left during one of our prayer times for the Prairie Provinces one of our intercessors saw the team lighting spiritual revival fires in Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg. He said the first two cities caught on fire immediately but Winnipeg required more work before it caught ablaze. At another prayer meeting the intercessors perceived the team taking oil from Edmonton to Winnipeg and pouring it out to release the blessing of the Lord. When we were in Edmonton we bought a litre of olive oil to pour out in Winnipeg. Alberta has an interesting spiritual heritage. William “Bible Bill” Aberhart, a premier in the province from the 1935 to 1943, the first dean of Calgary Prophetic Bible In

Government Disdain and Deceit

The federal government acted in ways that reflected a total disregard for the settlers in a region while manifesting the spirit of expansion, imperialism and greed. In Regina whilst praying at the Legislature one word – disdain -seemed to encapsulate what the government was doing regarding the inhabitants of the province. This attitude of disdain manifested itself in Manitoba as well Alberta. Disdain can be either a noun or a verb. As a noun disdain means the general attitude of something or someone being beneath consideration or not valuable enough for respect. To disdain something is to mock it or judge it poorly. One can also disdain an action, in other words, refuse to complete the ac

Labour Upheaval

This theme has much of its roots in the deceit and disdain of our federal government towards the common man. The same disdain that the native and Metis people encounter is the same disdain that the settlers faced when seeking better and more equitable working conditions. The first hotbed of this occurred in Winnipeg with the 1919 General Strike in which almost 30,000 workers left their jobs. The workers returning from World War I found their previous positions filled by others and wages greatly reduced with longer hours demanded by owners of companies. Unfortunately the Russian Revolution had the federal government spooked even though the unionists were only interested in reforming the sy

3 Amazing Provinces

The Worldchangers Canada team prayed in Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg July 3rd to 16th. It was an amazing trip as it opened our eyes to the depth of connection between the three provinces and the intertwining of their history. Manitoba became a province of Canada in 1870, Alberta and Saskatchewan in 1905. Initially Winnipeg became the main distribution centre for the west and the Fort Garry to Fort Edmonton Trail became a major trade route. As we pursued the Lord in prayer through each of the provinces we realized there were three themes reoccurring with each one becoming more clearly defined as we went east. The team also prayed for other issues as directed by the Holy Spirit but these

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