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Ottawa at the Centre

Ottawa Prayer Trip

September 9 to 12

On Monday the ninth the Worldchangers Team consisting of Jim and Bonnie Inkster, Walter and Sharon Fehr, Phil Lambert and Vangi Bonenfant, travelled from Kelowna to Ottawa. Our prayer times before we left for Ottawa shaped our assignments while in the capital.

On the Monday evening we went to the National House of Prayer as Walter Fehr had a dream that it had been abandoned and that there were pearls of the promises of God simply laying on the land. We arrived to find it empty, which shocked us. (We found out after that it was sold to the Catholic Church.) The team prayed and took up the pearls by faith.

On Tuesday we went to Parliament Hill. In our prayer times in Kelowna Monica Wirch felt we were to pray first of all for the election in Israel this month at the Centennial Flame on the walkway to the Peace Tower. When we finished that, we moved up towards the Peace Tower entrance to the centre block of Parliament. The stairs and doorway were closed by a construction tape initially. As we prayed the tape was removed and we could continue to pray in the shelter of the Peace Tower by the doors.

At this point we stood in the gap for two issues in our nation. The first issue was that Sir John A. MacDonald and ten others of the 37 founding fathers were freemasons. We stood in the gap for these fathers of Confederation, repenting for the deception and secret acts that undermine righteousness.

The second issue came through a dream that Jim Inkster had prior to our trip. In the dream I could see people from all over the nation with a cloud over their heads, a haze that seemed to leave them in a trance. The word I saw and heard in the dream is they are under the influence of a soporific spirit. As I was with another elder from our church I said not to worry as we had the antidote for it.

The word “soporific” means tending to induce drowsiness or sleep or as a noun a drug or other agent that induces sleep. The root of the word comes from Roman and Greek mythology, specifically the god Somnus, the Roman god of sleep, and its counterpart Hypnos, the Greek God, from which we get the words hypnosis and hypnotism. Both of them were involved with the underworld river Lethe which means forgetfulness.

What does this have to do with praying in Ottawa? There is a phenomenon in Canada where we seem to have a very, very short term memory for political events. It is like a stupor comes over the Canadian psyche and things float over into the ether. When the SNC Lavalin – Jody Wilson-Raybould and the PMO affair came to the forefront of Canadian news in February of this year, reporters said it was very unfortunate for the Conservatives as the general populous will have forgotten all about it in a few months. We prayed in repentance for coming under this spirit and then prayed against it and the spirit of sorcery.

Two days before we flew out of Kelowna Phil Lambert’s back went into spasms, twisting his posture and leaving him in incredible pain. We prayed for him then and saw relief come, then after a time, it would come again. We realized that the Lord was talking to us through this manifestation that the backbone of Canada was twisted and out of alignment. We felt this was rooted in the foundations of the nation between Quebec and Ontario. The Louis Riel situation came to mind where the Conservatives had negotiated with the provisional government of Manitoba to preserve the French language, their schools and the Catholic church. Once the federal government had control of Manitoba, they reneged on their agreement, which put a deep-rooted distrust into the hearts of French Canadians regarding this party.

We prayed for a reconciliation founded upon our repentance and God’s forgiveness. As a prophetic symbol we had gathered Maple leaves weaving them together with scriptures, which we then prayed over and released into the middle of the Ottawa River. We blessed the nation with healing and a strengthening of the core of this nation.

We then focused on the Judicial branch of our government. Before we went to the Supreme Court, we heard of the investigation of the RCMP into the SNC Lavalin situation being quashed by the Liberal Government under Caucus prerogative. We went to their headquarters and prayed for the freedom to investigate unhindered. We then prayed at the Supreme Court building, almost next to the Parliament Buildings. Walter had a dream that blood was flowing down the steps of the court. We interpreted that to be the blood of all the children aborted in Canada as their ruling abolished all restrictions upon abortion in Canada. We stood in the gap and repented for that decision. We called forth that mercy triumphs over judgement, and prayed for godly rulings and decisions truly representative of justice.

Our prayer for parliament happened the day before the prime minister asked the Governor General to dissolve parliament and call an election. Although the Liberals used cabinet confidentiality the RCMP are still investigating the situation. And, lastly, Phil’s back is absolutely fine.

Please continue to pray for the Canadian election that godly government would be established.

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