Capital Gains

It is amazing how the Holy Spirit leads on prayer trips. As we travel on trips we need to be in tune with everything that happens like how we feel or the patterns of our thoughts. In Ottawa we started with worship and prayer in the house we were staying in. As we worshipped we realized that the government had through actions they took during the Riel situation in Manitoba as well as other incidents created a deeper and deeper distrust in Quebec. We had realized this during our trip across Canada praying in the capitals for Canada’s 150 birthday. When we talked about it we felt we hadn’t prayed about that on the previous trip. The issue needed to be dealt with in the nation’s capital.

We started with repentance and forgiveness while we were in Quebec, then continued on the Ottawa side of the river at Parliament. We finished with blessing the unity of the country on the Ottawa River.

On Thursday we had a private tour of the parliament buildings where we prayed for Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, in the Senate, the House of Commons and in the offices of the senators. We completed the tour praying in the peace tower calling in blessings from the north, south, east and west. Interestingly, we had no idea that the Parliament Centre block is closing this month for 10 years of renovation.

We prayer for wisdom, understanding and revelation for our leaders. We asked for justice to prevail and injustice to be stamped out.

Washington, DC

We were very blessed to have our friend, Connie, host us Saturday through Monday at her home before she left the States on an important trip. On Sunday we had a wonderful time of worship soaking up the presence of the Holy Spirit. Connie who is extremely prophetic spoke words of encouragement to the four of us. She said that positioning is so important. We need to be in the right position at the right time, which is especially true of this trip. Connie also said it is essential to plant your feet upon the ground. Yes, you can pray from a distance for people and places but there is something extremely effective in placing your feet on the ground.

The Lincoln Memorial was our first site for prayer. Despite the continuous rainfall we managed to secure a dry spot within the memorial where we initially prayed much of his speeches that were carved into the walls. We found ourselves praying for the removal of barriers in Canada between the English and French speaking peoples, between Canada and the United States, for a variety of issue within the United States and finally for the relationship between Ottawa and Washington. The team then released blessing upon the US as we walked along the Mall to the Washington monument. Thoroughly saturated we called it a day.

On Monday we focused on Capital Hill. We took a tour through the central rotunda where our guide emphasized the unofficial motto ‘E pluribus unum’, (Out of many, one). The official motto since 1956 is ‘In God we trust’. We also got a pass to enter the gallery of the House of Representatives where we prayed blessings of wisdom, revelation, heavenly strategies, the wind of the Spirit to blow in, a revolution of righteousness and the Our Father together.

We, prior to the visit, prayed through a number of issues we felt required repentance and forgiveness from our Heavenly Father. We ate lunch there in the restaurant which many of the Congressmen would frequent and prayed for them for wisdom and blessing. We did this as one of our intercessors received this understanding.

We crossed the street to the Supreme Court where we prayed for righteousness and justice to be the foundations of their decisions. We discretely planted some scriptures in the ground around the different buildings. These included Psalm 24, 2 Chronicles 7:14, 1 Corinthians 10:32, Genesis 12:3 and Psalm 97:9.

On Tuesday we turned our attention to the White House and the Pentagon. We prayed repentance for a variety of issues and worshipped to the song ‘Behold, the Lion and the Lamb’. We received a dream from a friend in Europe that spoke to the foundations of the country’s executive branch. On site we prayed for America’s destiny, the foundation of democracy, the ‘making America great again’ to mean beyond profitability, home to the homeless and for hope. We seeded the scriptures Isaiah 9:6 and 54:11.

From there we went to the Pentagon where we prayed in the memorial garden established to honour those who lost their lives in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. (We never realized in planning the trip that we would be in Washington on this date. As Connie said, God speaks and confirms through the details.) The sense of loss and mourning is palpable at that spot. We walked the entire grounds praying for healing of the trauma from 17 years ago.

To summarize Washington, the Lord essentially directed us to pray for all three branches of the government: the Senate and Congress, the Executive and the Judiciary. Our hope is through healing and repentance directed by the Lord we will see a revolution of righteousness fill the land.

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