Toronto started with prayer in our hotel room and ended with making proclamations over Ontario and Canada from the observation deck of the CN Tower. The initial prayer started with roots from before confederation as much of the country was inhabited and the European presence had been around since the 1500s. We repented for the actions of the Iroquois and Algonquin to begin with, as they were warring nations before the European presence. We do not condemn nor judge anyone during these times of repentance. We identify with people and take responsibility before God for what becomes our deeds. We cannot repent for anyone’s thoughts but we can repent for their actions as it affects us all cor

Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec At the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City the prayer strategy was to pray through each layer of people groups to settle in the province. We began with the First Nations people: the Algonquians, the Huron and the Iroquois. We, then, prayed for the French settlers, for France’s involvement, and the sacrifices of the Jesuit missionaries. Lastly we prayed for the English and their occupation of Quebec after the Treaty of Utrecht an agreement between Britain and France concluded 11 Apr 1713 as part of the series of treaties ending the War of the Spanish Succession. We prayed about the violence, the sacrifices and martyrs, about the rape and pillaging of the land, the envy, the sense of ab

The Maritimes

The Maritime Provinces Historically Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick were considered one territory. Overall there were some similar roots causing systemic issues in each of them: doubleness, duplicity and disdain. Doubleness means accommodating or designed for two as well as characterized by duplicity, deceitfulness, speaking with a double tongue. Disdain means the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one's consideration or respect. Nova Scotia John and Joyce Brinkerhoff of Kelowna joined us in Halifax. Edward Cornwallis, a British officer and colonial administrator, founded Halifax in 1749 in an effort to establish British claims to Nova Scotia territory.

St. John's, Newfoundland/Labrador

St. John’s is a very unique, colourful city. We are very impressed with what we have seen. Unfortunately it rained Saturday night through Monday. It made prayer a wee bit more difficult as we needed to pray inside different places. The first day we prayed at the legislative building and The Rooms, the provincial museum and archives. During a tour of the building we were overwhelmed with oppression to the point of gasping for breath in the assembly hall and the lobby. We stood in the lobby praying for the government. Newfoundland has suffered a number of economic boondoggles since they entered confederation in 1949. A boondoggle is by definition work or activity that is wasteful or poi

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