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Quebec City, Quebec


At the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City the prayer strategy was to pray through each layer of people groups to settle in the province. We began with the First Nations people: the Algonquians, the Huron and the Iroquois. We, then, prayed for the French settlers, for France’s involvement, and the sacrifices of the Jesuit missionaries. Lastly we prayed for the English and their occupation of Quebec after the Treaty of Utrecht an agreement between Britain and France concluded 11 Apr 1713 as part of the series of treaties ending the War of the Spanish Succession.

We prayed about the violence, the sacrifices and martyrs, about the rape and pillaging of the land, the envy, the sense of abandonment, the sense of grief and sorrow, which was overwhelming. We prayed into the motto of the province, je me souviens, translated in English as I remember.

The prayer for the English revolved around their imperialism and its effects. This led to issues of control and position, the superiority and separation from the French, the hatred on both sides, and the isolation for the French as well as their distrust of conservative governments.

We received a confirming word to pray into corruption and stewardship in the government and business. We prayed for that at the National Assembly at the Parliament Building in Quebec City. We then blessed the province to prosper and flourish.

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