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Toronto started with prayer in our hotel room and ended with making proclamations over Ontario and Canada from the observation deck of the CN Tower. The initial prayer started with roots from before confederation as much of the country was inhabited and the European presence had been around since the 1500s.

We repented for the actions of the Iroquois and Algonquin to begin with, as they were warring nations before the European presence. We do not condemn nor judge anyone during these times of repentance. We identify with people and take responsibility before God for what becomes our deeds. We cannot repent for anyone’s thoughts but we can repent for their actions as it affects us all corporately. We stand in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30) for our nation so that God can extend mercy instead of judgment.

We then repented for the French and English capitalizing on these nations’ distrust, hatred and hostility to one another to aid the colonial aspirations. We repented for both nation’s imperialism and greed, hatred for each other, and total disdain of others for the pursuit of their self-interest. We repented for various issues that were released as a result of these actions and in particular, the doubleness, duplicity, disdain and separatism.

Our prayer journey then took us to the financial district, the parliament including education, the religious impact, the sports centre and the entertainment district. Whether the rest of Canada likes it or not Toronto is the most important city in the country. It is the centre of these mountains of influence and sets the moral compass for the country. We repented in each area where there is a lack of righteous leadership. We released mercy, grace, blessing and morally right leadership.

At the end of the second day we stood on the observation platform of the CN tower and declared revival, righteousness, healing and blessing over Toronto, Ontario and the rest of Canada.

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