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This was an awesome experience of seeing how God works in so many ways. Our journey started with a prayer meeting the night before going where God showed us different landmarks that we were to pray at. Some of the images that people saw were: a white horse with a white mane (found out this represented the white froth on the top of the waves of the river), a totem pole with a raven with wings spread out on top, and the word “Klondike” that was going to be located near the mouth of the river coming into Whitehorse. There were other images as well, but these are the ones that stood out to me.

This was a new experience for me as I had never done this type of declaring, praying and claiming before.

Once we landed we located our B and B and where Bonnie was staying with her aunt – which was literally right across a green grassy area from where we were. This was amazing, as I had no idea where Bonnie was going to be staying when I was booking. This really reinforced to me how God really takes care of the details.

Then we proceeded to find the “Klondike” near the mouth of the river. It turned out that the biggest steamboat at the time of the gold rush was called the “Klondike” and it was located at the mouth of the river. We got a sense of the debauchery, treatment of women and deception that people displayed towards each other. We proceeded to pray about all this and as things came to mind we’d flow with pray about that.

We were able to locate the white horse, which turned out to be at the City Hall where we prayed for fairness and wisdom for decisions that were being made. Also we prayed for the list of names that were posted as owing money in taxes.

The most significant spot for me to pray at was the totem pole with the raven at the top. It turned out that the totem pole was a memorial for healing for the First Nations and their treatment at the residential schools. This was close to my heart, as the taking of children from their homes to these schools has always weighed heavily for me personally. We asked for forgiveness for the way we treated the First Nations and forgiveness for our superior attitude towards them. We sprinkled salt to cleanse the land of unrighteousness. We then prayed for restoration of relationships between the First Nations and the government in the area. We prayed for God’s healing to come to the land.

It was 2 ½ days of hard work and pressing into God. Would I do it again? Absolutely!! I saw another facet of God’s presence that I had not seen before and experienced prayer at a new level. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be with 2 seasoned women in this type of prayer and for the opening of my eyes to so much more of who God is.

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